The team behind Antonio Bullrich is the market leader when it comes to Thoroughbred bloodstock trade in Argentina, with vast international acknowledgement.

It is our outmost desire that both buyers and vendors feel comfortable and at ease operating with our firm, since it is not a job but a mission for us to thrive for the maximum efficiency always. Aware of the challenges of the current times we are committed to giving our best, working with absolute optimism, enormous joy and above all things a profound love for what moves us the most; the Thoroughbred.

We have created a sales program that covers 360º of the horse circuit; breeding stock, yearlings and horses of all ages, designed to market the Thoroughbred.

We are the only Latin American sales company member of SITA (Society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers). This association founded in 1983 congregates the main Thoroughbred auction houses in the world.